The Mario And Luigi Show!!!

The Mario and Luigi Show – Our first Trailer Reaction on the much Awaited Raabta starring Sushant singh and Kriti Sanon. The film has some good VFX and CGI. I guess most of us would have already seen a film like Raabta in the Past. Watch our reaction where we Point out the loopholes in the trailer. If you like our Reaction please do Share and Subscribe to “The Sagittarian Paradox”!!! Cheers!!!

Are you Scaredddd?????

Hey Everyone , A new Gameplay from Mortal Kombat Xl. If you are familiar with Friday the 13th , Then you must be knowing Jason Voorhoes , the scariest character who gave us NIGHTMARES!! Watch the Video where we play as Jason The Slasher Version. Please do subscribe for more of these Mortal Kombat XL gameplays.

Nightlife in Bangalore!!!

Hey Everyone ,

So i decided to go on a ride at around 3 am in my city bangalore. Well there were couple of problems that i got into. I met this man where he told me something about life that totally changed the way i see life. Sometimes people just pass in your life to teach you something Valuable. It was a pretty good ride , but we did get chased by Cops. HAHAHA!!!

Watch the Video where we go on a Rollercoaster ride in the city where i live and love the Most. NAMMA BENGALURU!!!!!

Reached Dubai!!! It sure as Hell Does’nt look as EXPECTED!!!

Hey Everyone ,

In the previous Gameplay we saw Walker and his accomplices heading to Dubai to save Konrad and Other Survivors. But Dubai turned out to be a nightmare for our heroes. What happened Next ? Find out in the video below. Things have gotten interesting so far !!!! A shoutout for your channel if you answer the simple question i ask in the end of the video !!! CHEERS !!!


Hey Everyone ,

Dubai !!! a city when someone hears the name , they can think of Fast Cars, big Skyscrapers and Cool people. What if the City turned to an Apocalypse ? Deserted with Sand where there are no survivors and turns into a Menace.

Watch the Gameplay video where we play as Captain Martin Walker with two of his Delta Force Team sets out to Dubai in search of Survivors after Apocalypse hits the City.

This game’s truly a Masterpiece. Be it the Gameplay , story and Just EVRYTHING!!!!

How to deal with a HeartBreak!!!

Hello Everyone ,

Most of us experience Heart Breaks where we lose the Person we once loved Deeply. These things can traumatize our lives and make us feel miserable about ourselves. People get into depression,Drugs,alcohol etc to get over the person , but all these affect our lives and we end up destroying ourselves. Break ups can be one of the worst things that could happen to a human being , but what if i said that there is ONLY one Way to get over the person you loved . Watch the video and get yourself freed from your Past.

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God Bless Everyone!!!!!!

How to be successfull in your Life!!!

Hello Everyone ,

SUCCESS !!!!! We all want to see ourselves in that Position , but are we willing to work for it ???? Most of us are day dreamers and we all have these fantasies about how we will achieve massive amount of success , become filthy Rich and everything would be at place one fine day. We day dream and fantasize about all these but we are not willing to risk ourselves and go for what we want. Sometime we build an imaginary Prison where we are trapped and blocked from achieving the level of success in life. Society, Mainstream media,Education system,  people around us are defining how we should lead our lives by defining certain rules upon us , taking us off of our path in Building a better future for ourselves. All these entities have just made humans Dull and have got humans settled in their Comfort Zone. Social Media and Technologies which were suppose to be a Boon to Human Beings , they may have become a Worst Pleasurable Nightmare in the Subconcious mind . These things have taken over human Minds completely which basically disconnects from going out in the real world and putting ourselves at risk to Achieve great things in LIFE!!!!!!!

Watch the video where i address how to achieve massive Success even you would’nt have imagined achieving that in your Life .

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